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Mechanical Design Services


Our Mechanical Engineering Design Services for all types of Buildings Includes

• Heat-Loss / Gain Calculations
• Equipment Sizing
• Duct & Ventilation Design
• Hydronic Heating -Hot Water Plant
• Hydronic Cooling-Chilled Water Plant
• Rooftop Air Handler Units (AHU)
• Fan Coil Units
• Geothermal systems
• Water Loop Heat Pumps
• Packaged Terminal Air conditioners
• In floor Radiant Heating
• Snow Melt Systems
• Domestic Hot Water Plant
• Domestic Cold Water System
• Plumbing System

We offer following services in the above disciplines

• Preparation of engineering drawings and specifications for building permit, tenders & construction
• Facility Condition Assessment & Life Cycle Analysis
• Feasibility Studies
• Site review during construction
• Assistance in commissioning of building Systems
• Project Management