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About Us

Green Target Engineering Inc. is a multidisciplinary team of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers focused on providing Electrical & Mechanical Design Services, Energy Management Services  to help building owners & operators reduce their energy consumption, operating costs, increase productivity and efficiency of various energy resources, and reduce energy related risks. As a Global Corporate Citizen, we have a responsibility to conserve and manage energy demand to reduce further damage to our environment, and wisely utilize our rapidly diminishing energy resources.

We specialize in design solutions for various building sectors including commercial, industrial, institutional, and Multi-Unit Residential. We value each and every client and are committed to finding the most cost-effective energy solutions for your business and deliver unbiased services as we are not affiliated with any vendor or equipment manufacturer.

Through our customized integrated electrical and mechanical design services, we offer a unique opportunity for building owners/operators to reduce operating cost, improve the work environment and reduce the carbon footprint. Our independent, experienced Engineers & energy consultants will help you effectively monitor and meet your financial goals.

Energy management is critical to saving energy, and thereby first hand & operating costs in your organization that directly impacts your bottom line. On a broader scale, energy consumption affects energy prices, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission targets, and legislation, all of which are important to the success of your organization.

Our consulting service through innovative energy efficient design, Energy Audits, Energy Modelling, Measurement & Verification (M&V), and more provide technically feasible and commercially viable solutions for the clients.