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Energy Audits


We specialize in conducting energy audits for various building sectors including commercial, industrial, institutional, and Multi-Unit Residential. Energy Audit is the first step to understand the potential of energy saving opportunities in your facility. It identifies how the energy (Electricity, Water, and Natural Gas) is being utilized and what measures can be taken to reduce wastage of energy. It identifies ways to enhance operational efficiency and decrease the maintenance costs.

We investigate energy savings potential in the following building systems and recommend an appropriate Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) with a payback period:

  • Lighting Systems & Controls
  • HVAC Systems and Controls
  • Heating & Cooling plants (Boilers & Chillers)
  • Electric Motors and Variable Frequency Drives
  • Heat/Energy Recovery Ventilation
  • Equipments in the Building
  • Building Envelope (Insulation & Windows)  Upgrades
  • Renewable Energy (Solar Photovoltaic etc.)
  • Operation & Maintenance Issue, Scheduling
  • And more, depends on the type of building………..!

As per ASHRAE, there are three types of energy audits based on levels of effort-
Level 1- Walk-Through Analysis
Level 2- Energy Survey & Analysis
Level 3- Detailed Analysis of Capital Incentive Modifications
We, at Green Target Energy Solutions conduct all the three levels of Audit.

Contact us for a consultation on how an energy audit can work for you!

Through the Ontario Power Authority’s (OPA) SaveOnEnergy program, building owners are eligible for incentives to complete energy audits. It covers up to 50% of the cost of your energy audit. Once you decide to go for energy audit with us, we manage the incentive application process by completing all the required documentation at no extra cost to the client.

For more information about OPA’s audit funding program, please visit-

There are thousands of dollars in grants and rebates for electricity, gas, and water conservation in buildings through various programs. Contact us today for free consultation.